How To Root Sony Xperia L1 Android Smartphone

Root Sony Xperia L1


WARNING: Rooting your Sony Xperia L1 phone voids the warranty, the root process of your device is at your own risk.



1) We recommend making a full backup of all your information, phone contacts, images, videos, music, programs and everything you have on your Android device.

2) Remember that your android device must have at least 60% battery if it has less than that amount, you must charge the battery a little so that the process is safe.

3) Enable “Unknown Sources” by following this path: Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.

After finishing all these prerequisites, you can move forward to the rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Sony Xperia L1:

1) Download Kingroot app to your Sony Xperia L1 device. Once downloaded, tap on kingroot.apk to install the app on your smartphone.

KingRoot APK Installation

2) After installing kingroot, open it on your device. Since your device is not rooted, you will receive the following message: Root access is not available.

3) Now you must click on “Start Root“. During this process it is possible for your computer to restart several times, do not worry, it is normal for this to happen.

4) Once the rooting process is finished, you will get the following message: Root Successfully.

Kingroot Root Successfully

Ready, at the end of the process will show the message that your device is already rooted, to verify this you can download Root Checker from the PlayStore.

Remember that the whole process is under your responsibility and you must carry out the work as mentioned.



  • Write us a comment if the link has errors.
  • Write us a comment if you need a password.
  • Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM.
  • Basic Concepts in Android.

    What is Firmware or Rom?

    This is a term widely used in computer and electronic study and does not always have the same meaning. the word ROM is defined as Read-only Memory, In the case of mobile devices, ROM or Firmware  is a version of Android that you can install on your mobile.

    What is flashing a mobile?

    It is a process that is commonly done with the connection of the device to the computer in a specific mode of startup to be able to change the software of the mobile phone that you have installed on your terminal for which you want to install. The mobile device has a ROM memory, where the base operating system is installed, it is a memory that is maintained when the equipment is turned off and that once recorded is unalterable by the user and it has been called ROM or Firmware to which it is necessary to record there, the correct name is the operating system.

    What is the Baseband?

    It is the software that controls the data connections of our smartphone, usually come integrated in manufacturer updates and improve coverage or autonomy of the terminal if the manufacturer has detected a problem.

    What is Recovery mode in Android?

    The Recovery mode is a partition with boot properties, it is a lightweight environment that runs separately and at the same time parallel the main Android operating system, the main partitions in Android are boot/kernel and root/system, the Recovery is separated from these, and contains its own Linux kernel. Thanks to its own kernel the device can boot in recovery mode even when the system is damaged in some way, while the recovery partition remains intact, the user has a tool on hand to fix their android gadget.
    • Recovery mode functions:

      • Apply software updates to the device over the air (OTA), this is the official update method of the Android version of the hardware manufacturer, and Android stock.
      • Clear user data, and the cache, to leave the device completely clean (factory reset or hard reset).
      • Run external tools from the microSD memory.

    What is a Firmware Stock Rom?

    Firmware Stock Rom, is the software incorporated in an electronic equipment factory, be it a smartphone, tablet, video game console or others, is an area reserved in memory where the user can not modify the data stored within this, It is the operating system linked to other files that allow the Android to start.

    What is a Firmware Custom Rom?

    It is a modification of another Firmware or ROM, the developers are based on the code of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and work on this basis, this is known as Android Pure and in it the changes are developed, the result The end of this modification work is called Firmware Custom Rom. 

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